Book Cover Design

How far out do I need to book my custom cover?

Right now my MINIMUM turnaround time is 1-2 weeks for all packages. Keep in mind when booking a custom cover and interior format, your cover will be completed first and 2 weeks is required between finalizing the cover design and proofing of the interior format.

Will you read my book?

I will not read your book before creating your cover design; however, I will gladly read an excerpt you wish for me to take inspiration from for the design.

Can a premade cover be turned into a series?

Most Premade Covers I design can be turned into a series. Let me know if this is something you are interested in before purchasing a premade. If you are needing the same model to be present on each cover, I will need to verify that is possible. Series covers not purchased as part of a premade series set will fall under the custom cover pricing.

Do you do custom premades?

No, we are not currently offering Custom Premades.

Will you make design adjustments to a premade cover?

I will make certain minor adjustments as it pertains to the text or font. Generally, I do not make design adjustments to a premade cover; however, feel free to email me at kris@temysdesigns.com and I will consider making the requested changes if time permits and the integrity/marketability of the cover does not decrease. Any requested design changes, regardless of challenge or complexity, will result in the cover being upgraded to a custom and the difference must be paid in full before any changes are made.

Will you make changes once final files are delivered?

Yes, we will make changes once final files are delivered.

Changes on custom covers are $50/ hour, one hour minimum regardless of challenge or complexity.

If the changes requested for a premade are text only the fee for changes is $50/hour, one hour minimum. If the changes are to anything other than text and the premade purchased hasn’t already been upgraded to a custom, the premade will need to be upgraded and the difference paid before any changes are made.

Can I get a layered PSD file of my cover?

No. I do not offer layered files of your cover. Temys Designs retains the copyright for the final cover, I am authorizing you lifetime use of the design for promoting and selling your book. I will, however; create a separate transparency of your title only (to be used in other graphics/teasers) which is included in the custom cover package. A flat file of the artwork alone may be added to your order for an additional charge of $100.

If your audiobook publisher is requesting a layered file, please have them contact me at kris@temysdesigns.com and we will work something out.

Can I get an eBook cover now and a print cover for the same book later?

Yes, you may upgrade your package at any time and upgraded files will be delivered upon cleared payment of the difference in the packages. The paperback add-on is currently $50 for the first wrap and $25 for each additional wrap. A hardcover case laminate wrap is $50 and a hardcover dust jacket wrap is $400 for a new design and $100 for an existing design.

What if my audio publisher is asking for a layered PSD file?

I’m so excited your book will be recorded in audio! Have your audio publisher contact me at kris@temysdesigns.com and I will work something out with them.

Interior Book Design

How far out do I need to book my interior format?

Interior formats take a minimum of 2 weeks to complete.

Will you read my book?

Yes! I will read your book before formatting the interior so I can ensure all special formatting areas are paid extra attention.

Will you make changes once final files are delivered?

Certain interior formatting changes are included in the original price even once final files are delivered up to a certain threshold, please consult your interior format instructions to see what changes are included once final files are delivered.

Custom Illustration

What's included in custom flat character design?

Custom posing, custom clothing, custom coloring (i.e. skin, clothes, hair, etc.), and custom hair. Some accessories may be included if the character is wearing or holding them.

What's not included in custom flat character design?

Animals, buildings, pretty much anything that isn’t on or being held by your character is not included; however, these can be added for an additional fee.

How do you create custom flat characters?

I start with a posing tool (specifically Magic Poser for iPad) to get a 3D naked image of the characters. I then loosely sketch the characters in Adobe Illustrator using shapes over the posed image. After the base body/bodies are created, I then design the clothing, face, and hair either from scratch or with a graphic reference. References are used so the character’s proportions, arrangement, and shading is more realistic. I will not be tracing the clothing, hair, etc. I will have the reference to the side; therefore, the characters will not be an exact representation of the reference. Once the characters are completed, I will clean up the design and move them over to photoshop. At this point I will license stock graphics (vector or otherwise) to create the remainder of the design (i.e. background). If there are particularly challenging aspects to the character design, I may request a bit more time to work out the imperfections.

How long does it take to create a custom flat character?

Right now, I am requesting a 1 week turnaround minimum for covers featuring custom flat characters (this may change depending upon availability near your proof date). It can take me two to three full work days to create a flat character couple depending upon complexity. This does not include the cover design itself which takes less time. Prompt response to pose and coloring proof emails will help to keep the process going.

What genre(s) are best for flat character illustrations?

Generally, Flat Characters are used in Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Women’s Fiction, and Cozy Mystery. My strengths lie in the first three as I haven’t had any demand for Cozy Mystery covers.

Can you create a custom character for high-fantasy?

No, characters used in high-fantasy covers are generally 3D or DAZ renders. Flat characters are 2D and more cartoon-like in nature. I do not “paint” characters as I am working with hand-drawn vector shapes. If you are looking for more of a fantasy cover, the Cover Designer Directory has a great database of designers in all genres.

Can I purchase a custom flat character design without purchasing a book cover?

Yes! We are now offering custom illustrations without a cover design purchase, please check out our Services & Pricing page for the current rate.

Payments & Discounts

Do you have any current ongoing promotions?

We are not currently offering any discounts on services but we are offering some freebies and access to our resource library for authors to newsletter subscribers.

Do you offer discounts for series bookings?

We are not currently offering any series discounts.

Do you offer payment plans?

No. At the moment I am only able to accept 50% upon booking and the remaining 50% once the design/files have been approved but before final files are released.


Who should I credit in the copyrights section for designs created by Temys Designs?

All designs should be credited in the copyrights section as follows depending on which design you have purchased:

Cover Design by Kristina Hack of Temys Designs | temysdesigns.com

Character Design and Illustration by Kristina Hack of Temys Designs | temysdesigns.com

Interior Format Design by Kristina Hack of Temys Designs | temysdesigns.com

If you would like us to share your cover reveals and releases, please let us know the finalized date and tag us, @temysdesigns so we can share in your excitement!

Can I print my designs on merchandise?

If you wish to print your book cover on merchandise such as tote bags, t-shirts, mugs, etc. please send us an email at kris@temysdesigns.com and we can provide you with links to obtain the proper extended licensing for all stock photos and effects used in your design. Extended licensing is required to print on any merchandising, especially if the intent is to sell the merchandise; otherwise, it falls under copyright infringement.

Can I hire you on retainer?

We do offer a retainer program and have 1 current opening. Retainers are only offered to clients we've worked with or who have come highly referred by a client we love working with. If you would like to hire Temys Designs on a retainer please email Kris at kris@temysdesigns.com and we will discuss options.

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